Why and When should I have my chimney Swept?


Why do I need my chimney swept?

It's always a joy to relax in front of your fire, knowing that it's safe to use. There are four main reasons why you should have your chimney swept: if you have one of the following - you will need to have it swept and maintained regularly

Open Fire, Woodburning Stove, Inglenook, Multiflue Stove, Aga, RayBurn, Oil Fired Boiler


To satisfy insurance company requirements.

Many insurance companies will no longer pay out for chimney faults/fire damage, unless it has been regularly swept and maintained by a professional chimney sweep. A registered chimney sweep will issue a valid certificate recognised by the insurance companies.

To protect your health.

When a fuel burning appliance is in use carbon monoxide is produced, especially if the appliance is not burning correctly or the smoke (exhaust gases) are not able to exit correctly through the flue (chimney).


To avoid a chimney fire.

If not regularly or properly swept, creosote build-ups will occur (tarring of chimney) dramatically increasing the risk of a chimney fire.
Chimney fires are a real risk, causing both damage to property and risk to life.

To prolong the life of your appliance.

Whenever you use your appliance (light your fire), soot accumulates inside the chimney and if not cleared regularly can drastically reduce the size of the flue (preventing fumes escaping) and also reduce the lifespan if the flue itself, meaning potentially costly maintenance.

When should I have my Chimney swept?

Below are the general guidelines for regularity of sweeping / maintenance, however you should always refer to the manufacturers instructions and your insurance companies requirements.

For appliances burning well seasoned wood (15-20% moisture content), coal - Quarterly when in use.

For appliances burning Smokeless fuel, Oil, Gas - At least once a year.